Two easy ways to join in on #ProRelWeek

Our friends at delivered two great ways to join in on #ProRelWeek today!

First, an inexpensive 2ft x 8ft banner that you can get printed up to display at your local game during the week (and all season).

Need a banner for #ProRelWeek? We designed a 2×8 vinyl banner for you. Check it out. It’s under $20! #ProRelForUSA

— #ProRelForUSA ⚽️ (@ProRelForUSA) May 3, 2017

and secondly, a great “Patch at the Park” to display on social media from the games you attend.

— #ProRelForUSA ⚽️ (@ProRelForUSA) May 3, 2017

Make sure you use the #ProRelWeek hashtag when you post your pictures of your displays of support for systemic change while at games from May 6th to the 13th!