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Let’s speculate about a #ProRelForUSA timeline

Since yesterdays $4B media rights offer from MP and Silva discussions about opening the American pyramid have been happening like never before. As can be expected with such a hot topic, sources are starting to leak more information about the deal. As Bob Williams... Read More

NPSL playoff fan engagement poll

Yesterday our friends at Supporter Groups for Promotion and Relegation ran a poll asking about fan engagement concerning the NPSL playoffs and promotion to NISA. Very simply. Would you pay more attention to NSPL playoff matches if NISA promotion was on the line? The... Read More

What anti-#ProRelForUSA topic has not been debunked?

In the over 100 posts that I’ve been writing this blog I’ve touched on quite a few topics… We’ve seen some of them be shared enough that they’ve nearly stopped several items from being used as arguments against the opening of the pyramid. We’ve... Read More

Effective Buy Essay Online Plans – Updated

The majority of educational institutions need their students to write down documents, and lots of young people find they desire dissertation assistance. Essays have to have a large amount of considering ability on top of wonderful way with words-at all in addition to slightly.... Read More

Who is challenging those in power?

Jorge Ramos recently did a TED Talk titled “Why Journalists Have An Obligation To Challenge Power”. One of the first statements he made struck a chord with me. I was born in Mexico, but I’ve spent more than half my life reporting in the... Read More

If not now, when?

We all know American soccer needs to change. It seems that almost weekly the spotlight is being shown on a “new” problem (that has existed for years) somewhere in the American soccer structure/culture. My questions is … Why are so many people involved in... Read More

When do they start to ask the hard questions?

Normally when I sit down to write a blog post I have a starting point perfectly worked out in my head. A stat, a document, some figures, an article I’ve read… something. Today I have nothing but a feeling. The feeling that the soccer... Read More

How much of the MLS expansion fee is for the team?

As anybody following the business side of American soccer knows (and we’ve discussed) MLS started Soccer United Marketing (SUM) to help diversify its income streams and capitalize on the growing market for soccer in this country. Private equity firm Providence Equity bought a 25%... Read More