A read, a listen and a “say what”?

As many of you know some Louisville City supporters have a great podcast that we’ve linked to before… recently Louisville City supporter Joe Vala wrote a wonderful piece on McSoccer in the United States that covers some very interesting topics.

And why?  Well, I have my thoughts. Basically they revolve around the need for promotion/relegation to grow EVERY ASPECT of soccer here in the country, and that includes MLS.


A) The contradictions I see with MLS fans and their “love” for their teams.
B) How the Franchise/Profit model and its lust for large TV markets hurts not just everyone, but MLS specifically.
C) How to make it all better, and the need for patience in the process.
D) How it is all dangling on a thread and what can snap it (you’ll love that part!!).


One of my favorite podcasts, Two Daft Yanks, recently had Ted Westervelt on as a guest to talk about the recent rise in popularity of the Promotion and Relegation/Open Pyramid subject (which we have also covered) and some common misconceptions on the topic. It is a great listen that I highly recommend.


and finally….

The manager of El Tri, the Mexican National Team has told his players to stay away from MLS.

Jürgen Klinsmann has gotten shit over the years for failing to cheerlead for MLS. He has called for the league to get better, and for his players to challenge themselves at the highest levels of the sport. To some, this is evidence not of Klinsmann’s ability to recognize the obvious, but of some sort of shortcoming. But would any other manager worth his salt behave any differently in similar circumstances?

The answer is of course not. Proof of this is Juan Carlos Osorio, the manager of the Mexican national team. Like Klinsmann, he has had to face the prospect of a number of his potential charges being tempted to trade in the stress and uncertainty of Europe’s leagues for a fat check and inferior competition in MLS. Like Klinsmann, he does not want to see his players slumming it in a retirement league, not when they’re still in their prime.

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