Beware of promises that can not be kept

This past week we saw MLS expansion applications submitted by 12 investment groups. Investors and politicians are now engaging in negotiations about city/county/state funds being used for infrastructure, upgrades to stadiums, and new stadiums daily.

Obviously these elected officials are doing their due diligence and researching the viability of all of the proposals being put forth to them. There is one very major item they must take in to account… MLS can not in any way shape or form guarantee that this club will always be a 1st Division club.

MLS does not posses the final say whether the pyramid of American soccer remains closed and what its structure will look like in the future.

As the national and world regulatory bodies behind soccer, at any point in time the USSF or FIFA can step in and mandate structural change to the American soccer landscape.

If our community leaders are being promised permanency for the current system by these investors, MLS, or USSF… we have larger problems in US soccer than too many investors wanting in MLS.

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