Did Garber lie to the media?

This quote from MLS Commissioner Don Garber in Vancouver today has been quite the topic of conversation on social media.

#MLS Don Garber on favortisim. “No MLS club is provided an advantage over another club. In the past there was, we were building the league.”

— Har Journalist (@HarJournalist) February 6, 2017

On its face that is a pretty damning statement without any other context. Don Garber admitting to favoritism for some teams at the expense of others. Pair this with two decades of MLS saying that it did not do this…

In context it seems to get even worse… LISTEN TO ENTIRE INTERVIEW HERE

Because according to ESPNFC as recently as LAST season this would be a lie…

As we discussed in THIS ARTICLE the MLS has (against their own published rules) subsidized at least Steven Gerrards 2015/16 Designated Player contract at the expense of signing the best young talent in the US to MLS contracts.

I know I find it worrisome that a USSF Board member would show favoritism to some teams over others in his capacity as Commissioner of MLS and to double down with what on its face appears to be a lie to the media about the continuation of this practice… is even more of an issue.

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