How can YOU help create an alternate American soccer pyramid?

This past weeks explosion of cities vying for MLS soccer has done nothing but solidify the idea that there are more than enough investors with the ambition to own the best club in the country. It also shows a current and direct need for an open pyramid that allows access for all.

As we have discussed in previous posts, an alternate pyramid existing along side the current closed league system featuring MLS as the sole Division 1 league in the US is right now a currently viable option.  How can we as fans help make this happen?

Contact your local representatives and let them know this is possible. Discuss WHAT the key points are with them, HOW they would positively effect your local community, and WHY they should care. A few points to start with…

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Help these mayors and city council members think of the issues as AFL vs NFL, but with one side as a single business with franchise owners and the other of independent clubs in every community in the country. What politician wants to be on the side of Wal-Mart/McDonalds when you can be on the side of 1000’s of Mom and Pop stores?

Have them contact leaders of all of these other potential MLS cities and have them discuss how these men and women can change professional sports in this country FOREVER. 

Currently there is somewhere between 1.5b and 2.5b dollars worth of potential franchise fees being offered by the clubs trying to gain entrance in to MLS. That dollar amount alone is more than enough for new stadiums where needed, upgraded stadiums where possible, free academy systems for community kids, increased player payrolls, and any other upgrades needed for every club in question without a single taxpayer dollar being spent anywhere in the country.

The final question is…

Do we want these billions of dollars and any other taxpayer money to go directly in to current MLS owners pockets or do we want it invested in to the game in this country?

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