Leicester City just isn’t allowed in US soccer…

American sports fans love the underdog story… they love March Madness… Hoosiers… all the stories of teams coming out of nowhere and winning the big game. Right now in the EPL (the antithesis of parity right Closed System Zealots?) Leicester City FC is in first place. Thats right… a club most of you didn’t even know who they were featuring two scoring machines who none of you knew about is at the top of the standings and they don’t look like they want to give that spot up easily either.

Gary Kleiban wrote a great blog about the club and how we are just not allowed stories like this in American soccer… 

I think we can agree that fulfillment of potential is something we all yearn for.
But what if the path to fulfillment is taken away from you? What then?
Well, compared to the rest of the world, American soccer is set up precisely to do this. Limit, or even take away, one’s potential.
Whether you are a player, a coach, a club, a community, or any active or would be active participant in the ecosystem, that is something you should be aware of.
This article is but one of what will be a never-ending series illustrating this. Never-ending, that is, until those responsible stop denying and obstructing merit-based opportunity for every constituent in the landscape.

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