NASL and NPSL both talk potential merger that will create an alternate pyramid for US soccer

This conversation has happened on social media a million times… “Why don’t the leagues that want it just go ahead and start doing it and let the marketplace decide?”

Well Bill Peterson of the NASL spoke up… 

Bill Peterson is a man on a mission.

The commissioner of the North American Soccer League is determined to bring promotion and relegation to the game in North America and nothing will stop him in his tracks – not even fierce resistance from Major League Soccer.


 and so did NPSL Chairman Joe Barone…

Joe Barone, the chairman of the National Premier Soccer League, has revealed he wants a merger with the NASL to kickstart promotion and relegation in North America.

North American Soccer League commissioner Bill Peterson said earlier this week that he would like to begin discussions between the two leagues to help build a pyramid system.
“Maybe we’ve got to start to look at aligning with other leagues to start put the pieces in place,” Peterson told the Telegraph.
“There’s different ways to do this but you have to identify existing organizations like the NPSL or other leagues in this country that have an interest [in promotion and relegation] and then start to figure out where you’re going to go.”
Barone, however, has revealed that he has already had lengthy discussions with Peterson over the matter and plans to speak to him over the next few months to formulate a plan to make promotion and relegation a reality.


A direct promotion from NPSL to NASL is not going to be financially feasible TODAY… the 5 year timeline discussed in the interviews are to allow for the change that is obviously going to be needed by the NPSL to allow for promotion viable clubs to exist.

What do you think the needed changes are going to be?

A new intermediary regional division between the two leagues that directly competes against USL at a “3rd Division” level? One where this NASL/NPSL merged league tries to court existing independent (Non-MLS aligned) clubs to move to and strengthen the new pyramid?

A move for the “4th division” club season structure to a “full season” from the summer long “short season” they currently employ allowing for more market penetration by the clubs? Many clubs find it hard to make ends meet with only 6-8 home games…

Active recruitment of PDL clubs with larger aspirations?

Inclusion of interested USASA “Elite” leagues below the NPSL level as feeders for their regional system?

FIFA lawsuit the day the first Promotion and Relegation eason starts based on the “Sporting Merit” clause in FIFA bylaws?

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