Parity… is it even an issue?

Many times when talking with individuals who do not see the advantages of Promotion and Relegation when it comes to American soccer the idea that Pro/Rel is the sole reason for a lack of parity in leagues across the world is sited as a reason why the USSF should not move toward the process.  One key problem with that argument is that …

Major League Soccer’s parity is often trumpeted as a key to the league’s success. But the parity is dangerously fading as the salary divide between the Haves and Have Nots increases.

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A second key issue with the argument that Promotion and Relegation destroys parity is that other leagues outside of the United States that use Pro/Rel attempt and succeed in creating parity amongst their soccer clubs (franchises in MLS’s case). Some though are beginning to wonder if this is the best thing to do in their leagues. With the global nature of the game and its media coverage… 

The question is whether or not the high level of parity in the J.League gives people outside Japan a misleading (and negative) impression of Japanese football. The structure of Japan’s domestic league and associated cup competitions, and the revenue-sharing structure of its contract with the media (particularly SkyPerfecTV, which holds the primary rights to broadcast both league and cup matches), has kept the revenue disparity between teams to a minimum.


With parity fading in MLS (will the required “fixes” to maintain parity even be worse for the American game?) and other national leagues worried about the stature of their leagues on the global stage being sabotaged by this desire for parity. Can we agree it is pretty plain to see that this “parity issue” against Promotion and Relegation is something being used just to move the actual discussion away from the real issues behind why we do not have and should have Promotion and Relegation in a restructured US soccer pyramid. 

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