Who represents you at the USSF?

As an adult player, a coach, and as a fan… who represents you at USSF?

I hadn’t really thought about this until recently. Watching the proceedings of the USSF AGM in Hawaii from afar I was struck by the idea that most people in the US don’t really know who actually represents them at these proceedings. As we’ve discussed before, systemic change in the US soccer system will come from USSF and not from leagues or clubs. It goes without saying we should know who actually can make this change happen.

Simply put, there are state associations (some large states have 2) who represent all of us with interests in the adult game at USSF.

While it is easy for us to focus on the national leadership of Sunil Gulati and Dan Flynn at USSF. We have local administrators who currently could be working hand in hand with the leadership of USASA building state leagues at the base of a true open pyramid. These same leaders could also be advocating for change in the entire system at the national level.

They get a vote!!!!

To find and then contact your local state representative to let them know we would love to see positive proactive change toward #ProRelForUSA


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