The $100m American owner relegation myth

If you’ve been a part of a discussion about having an Open Pyramid that features Promotion and Relegation in the United States and Canada you’ve without a doubt heard this statement made in one form or another…

This basic answer has been spread by MLS and its supporters ever since the discussion of Promotion and Relegation in the United States has started to heat up.

In very simple terms this statement is a 100% fabrication (and everybody in MLS knows it) because in an Open Pyramid you will no longer be able to buy in to MLS in the fashion you can now.

Simply put… every new soccer club in the United States and Canada will have to start at the bottom of the pyramid. There will be no more buying directly in to the First Division with a new investment. It will NOT BE POSSIBLE to buy a new MLS franchise. Now yes… you will be able to buy an existing club and continue to operate that but you will make that investment with the knowledge that you will be able to be relegated.

Just like current DC United ownership just did with their purchase of 60% of Swansea City for you guessed it…. $100 million dollars.

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