Why is Jermaine Jones wearing a Chicarito jersey worthy of conversation but…

Earlier this week Jason Davis of Sirius XM radio had a conversation on his show about Jermaine Jones wearing a Chicharito Mexican National Team jersey…

My question is, why is this worthy of discussion but USSF Board member Don Garber’s MLS owned Soccer United Marketing making millions of dollars for the Mexican Federation via promoting Mexican NT games on US soil and selling loads of sponsorships for the FMF isn’t worthy of discussion?

Ok with Jermaine Jones wearing a jersey and supporting the Mexico National team? #USS 877-629-4614 @davisjsn https://t.co/b86qix5v7z

— SiriusXM FC (@SiriusXMFC) June 21, 2017

Which one is actually an issue (if either of them are) that is worthy of discussion by #USMNT fans?

A US Men’s National Team player wearing another great players jersey who happens to play for Mexico?


A sitting USSF Board member via his “day job” sending millions of dollars to a competing CONCACAF Federation by selling their product on our home soil?

Would love to hear your opinion in the comments or on social media. Make sure you use the #ProRelForUSA hashtag!
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