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How does the MLS structure affect youth players in the US abilty to turn pro?

Earlier today Will Parchman reported in THIS ARTICLE that… New England Revolution academy forward Justin Rennicks was suspended for his final 2017 spring semester by the club for going on a training stint at a Bundesliga club this winter, several sources confirmed to Read More

An all important first step

This week USSF Board Members and USASA President John Motta was a guest on the always great Flakoglost Podcast … Is the US Soccer pyramid ready for D4/5/6? Will @USASA vision work w/ @ussoccer philosophy? — Flakoglost (@flakoglost) February 22, 2017 Why... Read More

Selecting Painless Solutions For Buy Essay

Assignments may be known as your fastpaced occupation. You have to employ your top effort in order to complete your homework by increasing this books out of your case and scattering them on your study table. You have to invest plenty of time around... Read More

What happens when they stand up for themselves?

Despite the stupid ass MLS player acquisition mechanism, I’d never go to a rival team. — Brad Evans (@brad_evans3) February 16, 2017 What if you got traded to one? ? — Dax McCarty (@DaxMcCarty11) February 16, 2017 Freddy Montero to team rival, Capt’n... Read More

Why can’t we sign this player again?

I’m dizzy after looking at this for less than a minute. Why can’t it be as simple as “I like that player, let’s sign him” — Stuart Holden (@stuholden) February 8, 2017 This wonderfully constructed flowchart by Sports Illustrated’s Alexander Abnos of MLS... Read More

Does U.S. Soccer’s League Set-up Violate FIFA Rules?

A very balanced must read piece by Terence D. Brennan (give him a well deserved follow on Twitter HERE) on the legal issues surrounding the current set up of the professional league system in the United States. The vast majority of countries operate their... Read More

Did Garber lie to the media?

This quote from MLS Commissioner Don Garber in Vancouver today has been quite the topic of conversation on social media. #MLS Don Garber on favortisim. “No MLS club is provided an advantage over another club. In the past there was, we were building the... Read More

Beware of promises that can not be kept

This past week we saw MLS expansion applications submitted by 12 investment groups. Investors and politicians are now engaging in negotiations about city/county/state funds being used for infrastructure, upgrades to stadiums, and new stadiums daily. Obviously these elected officials are doing their due diligence... Read More

Cities need to communicate about, not compete for MLS

MLS recently has announced that it has opened bidding for expansion franchise slots in the league… groups have scrambled to put together stadium bids featuring quite a bit of public money. Recent reports have put the numbers at $113m in Charlotte$129m in St. Louis$50m... Read More